The Cub Scout Uniforms:

Class A and Class B

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms help to create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment.

Pack 764 has two types of uniforms: a formal "Class A" and an informal "Class B". Below is a description of each.

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Scouts. The Cub Scout Class A uniform for Tigers, Wolves and Bears of Pack 764 consists of the following parts:

  1. Shirt — The official uniform shirt is available with short sleeves and has button-flap pockets and "Boy Scouts of America" lettered in gold above the right pocket.
  2. Neckerchief — Triangular neckerchief is orange with navy-blue trim for Tiger Scouts, gold with navy-blue trim for Wolf Scouts, light blue with navy-blue trim for Bear Scouts, and plaid for Webelos Scouts. Official BSA neckerchiefs are the only neckerchiefs boys should wear.
  3. Neckerchief slide — Official gold-tone metal slide with each rank's logo.
  4. Cap — Official navy-blue cap with orange front panel and tiger emblem for Tiger Scouts, yellow panel and wolf emblem for Wolf Scouts, blue panel and bear emblem for Bear Scouts. Webelos Scouts wear an olive cap with a plaid panel bearing the Webelos logo.
  5. Trousers or shorts — Blue, "cargo-type" pants or shorts.
  6. Belt (optional) — Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle and Cub Scout emblem.

Webelos Scouts. Webelos Scouts may choose to wear either the blue Webelos Class A uniform based on the Cub Scout uniform or the tan/olive Class A uniform similar to the one Boy Scouts wear. For the tan/olive uniform, boys wear the official Boy Scout tan short-sleeved shirt with blue shoulder loops and olive "cargo-type" pants or shorts. With either uniform, all Webelos Scouts wear the Webelos neckerchief (plaid with the Webelos emblem), Webelos neckerchief slide, Webelos cap, and (optional) Webelos belt buckle.

Pack 764 Class B Uniform. The Class B uniform is a special Pack 764 t-shirt with the Scout's choice of shorts or pants. The Class B uniform is worn when the occasion is not formal, the Scouts are not interfacing with the general public representing scouting, and when the Scouts are expected to engage in activities for which the full uniform would be inappropriate. For instance, Class B uniforms would be appropriate for a Scout hike, camping trip, or athletic event. Class B uniforms are included with your registration fee.

Where to get your Class A uniform?

Visit the the Scout Shop in Marietta, Georgia, go online to, or use a local service such as Zigzag Creations.


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Going outside. Excursions and field trips provide some of the most exciting parts of Scouting. Cub Scouts enjoy many outdoor experiences as they participate in the variety of activities that can be held outside, such as field trips, hikes, nature and conservation experiences, and outdoor games.

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